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New Album and Merch Released!!!
Posted by Brink on Apr 27, 2015 @ 10:57pm

Hey bloomers, well, it’s FINALLY out – I Know What’s Next But You Won’t Believe Me, the full-length album. Yes, it took FOREVER, but now you can actually listen to it. I can’t tell you all how much we wished it could have been released sooner, but with great anticipation, it’s actually finished and can be enjoyed by all of you!


After what we’ve been through over the past few years, we can’t believe it’s done. You all can listen to it on iTunes here, Google play here, Amazon here, or Spotify here. And if you’re a little old school (or just enjoy high quality audio like us) you can order the physical album on our web store at


We also have some sweet t-shirts there as well shown here by my wife and puppy, Leon (a handful but totally fun! Leon, not my wife; although she can be a handful sometimes but would say the same about me ;)  )

So feel free to order yourself one and one for your mom too since Mother’s Day is fast approaching. Because you can never thank your mom too much and you know she loves some Manic Bloom!


As always, we can’t thank you all enough for your gracious and incredible support. We couldn’t have recorded and released this album without you all. Right now, we’re working on scheduling a Nashville album release show at the end of May and hope to see you all there rocking out with us soon!    

- Brink


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KickStarter update
Posted by Andy on Jan 8, 2015 @ 2:48pm

Hey Bloomers, I just wanted to let everyone know we have sent out an email regarding your KickStarter rewards and we are hoping to hear back from all of you in the next week.

If your address, or email has changed since the amazing support you have given us for KS,... Please email if you didn't receive an email from us regarding your T Shirt, etc, and we'll get you the right info.

2014 was a lot slower year for us than we had anticipated and expected.  We would like to take this opportunity to make you all aware of the seriousness of the situation that prevented us from moving the gauge forward in a more timely manner this past year.  Andy (Roo), as many of you may already know, has been battling a debilitating auto immune disease for the past 18 months that has played a major roll in his ability to write, play, and work.   Until recently (November) the doctors were not able to give proper treatment/advice on the issue.   We are very VERY excited to say that the protocol that has most recently been prescribed seems to be bringing some healing and relief for his hands.  We ask for your continued prayers and support as we begin 2015 with new HOPE and EXCITEMENT in writing and especially playing the new album for this year's release!  As always, we appreciate your unwavering commitment to spreading the Bloom to all you know.  We will depend heavily on you in the coming months to help us take the steps we need to share our music with the masses through social media.... and old fashioned face to face interactions...that's still a thing right?  We love you all and appreciate your patience in this past year of challenges for our passion in playing music!

The Bloom Brothers!

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Film w/ David & Matt from Manic Bloom
Posted by Matt on Oct 28, 2014 @ 11:58am

Hey Bloomers!
I know you’re all super eager for the album to get released, and don’t worry, we are working hard to get it out there to the world soon. In the meantime, though, David and I worked on a short film that we wanted to tell you guys about. I really wanted to utilize binaural recording in a film, and this is the route we decided. It’s inspired by the season of Halloween, so it’s intense, but we really hope you guys enjoy it. You get to see David do some acting!

Our goal is for people to share this video, so here is the link to the video for you to watch, and to share with others.

Also, we’d really love to try and make the front page of Reddit, so here is the link we would love for you to “up vote".

We hope you like it and we hope you find it interesting enough to share with others!


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First Taste!!
Posted by Hildee on Dec 20, 2013 @ 1:17pm

Thank you to all the folks who shared our facebook page to get our "like" count over 5000. As a reward, we've posted a track off our new album. Let us know what you think!!!

Listening Recommendation and Pairings


- With friends

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Some Tasty MB
Posted by Andy on Mar 25, 2013 @ 9:38pm


Hey Bloomers, Just wanted to send a quick update to let you know, even though it has been several months since the initial Kick Starter video and your generous donations, we are still plugging away at the new album.  David is laying down vocals as I write this and each day we get closer and closer to the GREATEST MANIC BLOOM ALBUM TO DATE!

We have been putting final touches on the writing, getting new equipment to make the songs sound even better, and enjoying some Easter candy to keep our energy hype!

We are starting to fulfill some of the rewards such as the personal training sessions (getting fit!), video games (getting owned), personal thank you calls (getting appreciated), Manic Bloom Voicemail (getting reminded), signing keyboard keys (getting noted), Skype drum lesson (getting learned),  Chess Board from the video (Getting props), and Hand Written lyrics (getting inked), and several more. 

Please know, as some of you remember, some of the rewards can't be completed until the album songs, art work, photo session, website get finished on our part. And believe me when I say, we want them all completed as bad, if not more than you do right now!  Some of these rewards include- T shirt design, posters, album and artwork, new songs/album, back stage passes (until we book more shows after album is complete).  

All of this to say, thank you for your support and please know we are working as hard as we can to get this album done.  We are very thankful for you and will be keeping you updated as more music is made.  Bloom Responsibly!


Manic Bloom

PS. if you haven't yet, here is the MB app for iphone


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Super Studio Bowl
Posted by Andy on Feb 3, 2013 @ 2:28pm

Bloomers...Happy Super Bowl Sunday!  So, who is going to win...Manic Bloom is betting on Harbaugh!

Just a quick update...even though we are recording right now, we are still going to get our fill of chili, wings, pizza, guac, and some healthy celery for Andy...ha, ha  (Psshhh...personal trainers)

Anyway, Matt is tearing it up...seriously guys, it is amazing how happy and exciting this new album is going to be!  We can't....CANNOT...wait to get it in your hands.  Stay tuned for more as we rock some more of the vocals and bass this week.

Matt Recording

Matt Recording2


We love you all!  And remember, Bloom responsibly!


Manic Bloom

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Studio Time
Posted by Andy on Dec 7, 2012 @ 6:19pm

What up Bloomers!  We're in the studio, and I wanted to just make you all aware....the new album WILL be worth the wait.  It is always so fun when we put all the pieces together that we have each individually worked on so hard...We have been talking all day about how great it is to feel like a Rock Band again and not a "Chemical Web Electric Financial Trainer" (Our day jobs)

Brink has been rolling with the punches and completely slaying the drum parts...3rd song almost complete and shooting to get 5-6 done this weekend!

Matt is laying some good stuff down too...he looks so cute in his headphones...ha, ha.

Anyway, just giving you a little taste of our experience as we rock out today!

Bloom responsibly!




Brink Studio 12/7/12

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All T-Shirts on Sale!
Posted by David on Nov 26, 2012 @ 4:07pm

Happy Very Late Thanksgiving!  And that includes all of you, because I'm thankful for you and your support of us, no matter what part of the world you're in.

Today is known on the US interwebs as Cyber Monday, because most online stores give discounts, so we're following suit...  All of our tshirts are on sale!  While most other stores are halting their sales at midnight, we're going to let it roll into an old-fashioned Christmas Sale.  (Can something on the internet be old fashioned?)

By now, all Americans have woken up from their turkey induced comas, and are back to work - but there's something different in the air.

Christmas music!

We in MB have long discussed making a Christmas song or two, but we just haven't had the time yet - we're still focused on making the new record.  So, while I'm hoping that we'll be able to release a rough mix of a song or two before the end of the year, it will not be a Bloomified version of "Little Drummer Boy." It will, however, feature our very own little drummer boy, Jeff Brinkley.  Maybe next year, after the album is out and we can take a break from the dungeon (the basement - where we record just about everything), we'll add a little epic caroling music to our repertoire.

Hopefully more very, very soon!


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Bloom Bash/New Album
Posted by Andy on Oct 9, 2012 @ 4:11pm

Hey Bloomers,

AndiRoo here!  Things are moving right a long with the new album, "Slow and Steady wins the Race" is our motto right now.  We are truly getting something written or recorded every day though, so it is good to see progress.  

Last week we were lucky enough to fulfill one of our big Kickstarter house parties.  We did the trek up to Northern Indiana (Wabash) and played an outdoor show that was incredible.  We had an amazing show, Brad knocked it out of the park with lights and sound, and Hildee and I even were able to compete in the bouncy house obstacle course...I slaughtered him,.... but I also may have tackled him at the last slide for my own personal gain....ha, ha

We have to say a special thanks to the Guenins for opening up their house, yard, and gym for such an spectacular night.  We hope to make Bloom Bash an annual thing!

Short and sweet for now, gotta get to CrossFit (awesome!), but know that we love you all and hope that you will continue to follow us through the new album and we can't wait to see you on the road soon.


AndiRoo (Andy)

Manic Bloom

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THANK YOU!! ...and the Creative Process
Posted by David on Aug 10, 2012 @ 1:04pm

Bloomers!  As most of you probably already know, our Kickstarter campaign was a huge success! Because of you, we are going to have something we've never had for our recordings: a budget!


We'll be getting in touch with all of those people to send the rewards that we're able to complete right now - but obviously the album is going to take a while to send out.

We've been in the dungeon recording a lot lately - I think Matt and Hildee are down there right now, actually - and I'm getting excited.  These new songs are kind of all over the map, and because we're planning on making it a full length, we're able to get out of the box a bit more and experiment with things. Don't worry - you'll still recognize that Manic Bloom sound of Epic Melodic Rock.  But perhaps you'll even hear some epic melodic hip hop?  Maybe....  Matt screaming?  If you're good.

I'm amazed at what has happened with MB since the beginning...  When we gathered in a cramped living room and talked about what we wanted to create, we were honestly a little short sighted.  Don't get me wrong - it seemed as if our heads were in the clouds at the time, but after 5 years writing/recording/performing together, the music I'm hearing coming from my speakers right now was really unimaginable to me then. We've pushed each other, laughed with each other, made each other mad, encouraged each other, bled with each other...  I think you'll hear that on the new record.

We've also spent 5 years  connecting with awesome people who have supported us, listened to us, encouraged us, pushed us, and also more people than I'd care to admit that literally just told us that we suck.  Obviously I'm far more grateful for the Bloomers, but I'm also happy with the naysayers for two reasons...  1: It means we're not doing something boring if people go out of their way to tell us to stop.  2: It drives us even more.

At the beginning, I didn't know that we'd get to have such a connection with our fans.  I feel like I know you, and you know me.

Man oh man oh man, I want to share some of the new music with you.  But I want to wait... Hopefully the anticipation will make it sweeter.  On top of that, there are still a lot of changes being made, so I don't want to make people wonder if we know what we're doing.  Partially, we do.  But - we're in the same boat as we were five years ago...  Discovering more than creating.  Chiseling away at a soundscape that starts as silence.

While writing this, I actually just started listening to songs I wrote in high school to compare this new stuff not just from the past five years, but even more.  (I'll let you wonder just how much more that is!!  :)  One of the major reasons I'm able to see the distinct difference is because of my brothers in the Bloom.  I almost have a hard time claiming my part in these new songs, because I feel like after the five of us start collaborating on something, it takes on a life of its own that is far greater than what we contribute individually.

I had a conversation with someone not long ago about the creative process, and he basically said that after he starts something, he doesn't know where to go with it, and never finishes it. Let me tell you: if you know exactly where you're going to end up, you're probably limiting yourself. If that's you - either you limit yourself, or you're just afraid of creating - JUST DO IT!  Somewhere in between the best and worst that can happen is simply that you stand back (perhaps with other people), and realize that a piece of you has been fixed in what you've created. And most likely, you'll learn in the process and won't be able to stop.  The world tries to get in the way and convince us we shouldn't do things, but the world is just afraid that we'll pass it up.  I'm lucky to have a handful of people in my life that carry me along when I don't believe that myself.

This blog got a lot more introspective than I was planning... But what's your experience?  Tell me about times that you either did or didn't do something like what I'm talking about...

You all rock, and we could literally not do any of this without you.  THANK YOU!


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