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Answer (feat. Derek Minor)
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I Know What's Next...But You Won't Believe Me (2015)

Featuring Derek Minor

Take a look inside and tell me what you see
If you can open up your eyes
When everything you know is stripped and torn away
Will you still clutch your precious time

What is life if there's nothing worth dying for
What's truth if you're satisfied with lies
What's the way if you're comfortable just standing still
Believe it or not, the answer stays the same

Sit and smile about everything you've gained
And all the trust that you've abused
When your flesh and bones have rotted and decayed
Will that be all that's left of you


I heard you wanna know why you on earth and what you living for
Does the life you live seem like it's lacking and you know there's more?
Smoke all you want, drink all you want, I'm sure that you're wasting your time and
You'll never find none of the answers you seek in the bottom of a bottle

Matter fact you'll just make it worse
That lie you chase just make it hurt
Looking for some way to make it work
Looking for some way to break the curse

Well you done tried everything else
There's livin water in that fountain, go and help yourself
Arise out your tomb
It's Derek Minor
Manic Bloom

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