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When You Sleep
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I Know What's Next...But You Won't Believe Me (2015)

Stand in a crowd
Anybody out there
I feel so alone

You look around
For something
That medicates the pain
But refuse to come back home

You let it swallow you up
It's never enough
You're looking around for the cure

The revelation's the same
The pleasure and pain
Won't get you back to where you were

You forgot your first love


When you sleep
Are you dreaming of me

When you hear
Is it words that I speak

When you love
Is it my heart that beats

I'm waiting
I'm waiting

When you look
Is it me that you see

When you fall
Is it my hands that bleed

When you hurt
Don't you wanna be free

I'm waiting
I'm waiting


You have a choice
It's easy
I won't make it for you
But how could you resist

Stay in the mud
Keep walking by yourself
Or return to what you've missed

I don't care how far you're lost
I'll cover the cost
Just give me back your prodigal heart

With no conditions defined
Cause I just want you back inside my arms


I've been watching all the roadways home
Anticipating that you'll come alone
Seeing your face will be like breaking dawn
And you know I'll be running out to meet you

And everything will fall away
The earth and stars will celebrate
But for now all I can do is wait
You're so close but still so far away
Cause you forgot your first love

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