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Won't Be Alone
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I Know What's Next...But You Won't Believe Me (2015)

I'm so distracted
Set my jaw and can't relax it
The weight of life is killing me now

Chasing the dollar
Every day I wear the collar
Of keeping up with everyone down

But I break
At every breath You take
It's pulling me awake
You're making my heart shake
This is Euphoria
Your voice
Is my drug of choice
You make my heart rejoice
I need You next to me


Cause it's You I'm living for
Your love is all that matters to me
And I'm through with anything more

Cause I don't ever wanna be alone
Won't be alone
Not tonight
Or any other moment
When the world is ending I'll be alright
Cause You'll be holding on to me


So condescending
All their words are never ending
They want to drag me into their dirt

They say it's equal
I think it should be illegal
To steal from men what took so much work

But Your touch
It almost feels too much
I need You as my crutch
You hold me in your clutch
Yeah You're consuming me
It's left
As far as east to west
The things that I regret
Are just a memory

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