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Music Video Release - August 23, 2011
Posted by Matt on Aug 18, 2011 @ 7:35am

We are really excited about our music video release coming up next week.  Don't know what I'm talking about?  We recently filmed a music video for "Death and Conversation" with a guy named Matt Crum,, and we got the finished product a couple weeks ago, which we will be officially releasing on Tuesday, August 23rd.  This will be our first official music video, so we hope you're all as excited about it as we are.  We'll make sure to blog about it that day, but you can check out our YouTube page,, at around midnight Tuesday morning to catch the video.  Also, we'll be showing the video to everybody on Manic Monday that Monday, August 22nd, which can be reached here, And lastly, if you haven't seen it yet, you can see the behind the scenes video about our music video at and at the bottom of this post.  

Other than our focus on the video lately, we've been recording new music and we're about to play a bunch of shows.  If you're in Mississippi, Tennessee, Indiana, or Texas, you have a chance to see us in the next month.  Check out our tour schedule here,  If you can make it out to a show, please do, and make sure to come talk and hang out with us.

We appreciate everything you all do for us, and we hope to see as many of you as soon as possible.



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July Frenzy!
Posted by Andy on Jul 17, 2011 @ 10:52am

Hey Bloomers,

The month of July is a whirlwind of excitement for the Bloomer Brothers.  This blog is just to enlighten our extended family (you) of the various activies we are embarking on this month.  We decided July would be our time to take care of family, vacation, and writing.

1. I (Andy) have had two fun events in the past month...First, I was able to enjoy almost a week away with my beautiful wife in San Diego.  I had never been to California, and after being there, I could live in San Diego for sure...perfect weather!  We were blessed by so many opportunities while there, and I have included our room view that got upgraded as soon as we walked in the door (picture below).  July also brings my birthday every year, and it is always a pleasure to see what God has blessed me with each and every step of the way as I look back on each year.

2.  Hildee and Matt have been working in the studio a lot the past 2 weeks and it is going to be my turn this week to start laying down some phat bass lines.  Hildee and Matt are also going to be taking the long awaited trip to the new Harry Potter Theme park this week.  I'm sure there are going to be many stories, pictures, and even some unmentionables that come from this extravaganza.

3.  Brink has taken the very brave and courageous plunge to go to Israel for 2 weeks.  The places and stories that he has already shared have been sobering as well as inspiring for the rest of the band as we all would love to visit the Holy City of Jerusalem some day.

4.  In between the days of writing and recording, David had the chance for a trip to Florida already and he is going to be going to a summer camp in Kentucky at the end of the month.  He has been a huge part in the camp for years and is looking very forward to being a part of the activities once again this year.


So, just giving you a heads up on what we are doing for July.  Please come visit us on Manic Monday every Monday at 7pm CST.  I believe Hildee and I will be working on some bass stuff tomorrow night, and we would love to chat with you while we work.

As always, thank you for your help, and we would love for you each to tell a friend or two to help us get the name of Manic Bloom out to the masses even faster...also, please post on your facebook this week for your friends to like us...we always love you for your help.  Thanx.



Andy WarwickSan Diego View

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4th of July and Beyond
Posted by Brink on Jul 6, 2011 @ 10:29am

Hello faithful bloomers! Hope everyone had a great fourth of July. We watched the fireworks in downtown Nashville the other night and it was pretty awesome. There were so many that by the end of the show, the finale was covered up by smoke, making it very difficult to see anything. Kinda funny but definitely awesome. The night brought back memories of blowing up things when I was er... younger. 

Anyways, time for an update in Bloom World. We've been working on new music still. I know you're all saying to yourselves how long will this take?! Well, I ask myself that question all the time - ha. With all of us having lame jobs and being out a lot this summer, the writing process is slow. That's alright though, it gives us time to let things simmer. 

So, since you have all been so patient while we write new songs, I felt it was about time that I let you all hear a little bit of what we've been doing. Those of you who join us on Manic Mondays might find this a little familiar. Speaking of which, if you've never joined us Monday nights at 7 pm CST, then I suggest you check it out! You'll be up to date with all the bloomeriffic (is that a word? I think it is now) things that we're up to.

One last thing, if you're in Nashville this Saturday night, come watch us play at Rocketown. It'll be a good time.

Enough of my yappin'. Let's get to the good stuff!


Click here to listen to the new song!


- Brink

Brink Black/White

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Lights, Camera, Action
Posted by Matt on Jun 20, 2011 @ 12:43pm

We’re sorry, it’s been too long since we’ve blogged.  I’m a little behind right now (ex. I finally saw The Social Network last night).  We’ve had some cool things going on though.

A company called Starlite Productions made a video using their new lighting rig in which they programmed a light show to our song “Never Back Down”.  It’s a real trip to see what a full lighting production would look like to our music, so this video was awesome to us.  Hopefully, soon, this will be what you see at a typical Manic Bloom show. 

Also, our music is featured in an independent film, Division, that is making it’s way around the film festival circuit.  It’s an apocalyptic story set in the future after an economic crash and it looks like it features a lot of fight/chase scenes.  I haven’t seen it yet, but hopefully I’ll be able to soon. I’m pretty sure they used “Push Off the Ground” during a fight scene!

Lastly, we’re playing an ALL AGES show in Nashville on July 9th at Rocketown.  We’ve never played at Rocketown, so we’re excited about it to begin with.  We also don’t play all ages shows very often, so that makes it double awesome.  It’s a festival sponsored by Converse and Journey’s, and we’re playing the main stage, so if you’re anywhere near Nashville, come out, watch us play, hang with us, etc.

Hopefully we’ll have some news on the music video soon, and we’ll keep you all updated on the recording progress as we start getting some ideas flushed out.  Keep spreading the bloom responsibly!

Division Poster

-Manic Bloom

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Videos, Shows, Podcasts, oh my!
Posted by David on May 19, 2011 @ 7:55am

I just woke up to awesomeness.  I know we have incredible fans - but this is more confirmation.  I already had a lot to blog about, but now I have to start out with this:

(For the folks getting this in their email, there's a video there)

In the trend of videos, we spent this past weekend shooting a video for Death & Conversation, which was also awesome.  We're working with an incredible flimmaker, Matt Crum, right here in Nashville, and even though we don't have the finished video in our hands (or...  digital... hands?), we know it's going to rock.  He showed us some of the footage on his camera, and it got us even more pumped.

D&C chess

There's our good friend Death (played by Eric Klumpe) showing me what he thinks of my last move.

D&C matt

Matt (our Matt) got a whole bunch of behind the scenes footage, so we'll show you a lot more of how things went down.

In continuing things that are exciting, we're Channel One's featured bands this week, and it sounds like a bunch of people are hearing the Bloom for the first time!  If you get a second, you can head over to their website and tell them which of our songs you like the most!  You can also watch the episodes we've been featured in.

And in continuing with things that we're featured in, the Decibel Geek Podcast is using one of our songs for his theme music!

And in continuing with things that are music, we've got a show in Nashville at 12th & Porter TONIGHT with a bunch of cool people - Ryan Michaels Band, Blackwater James, Telecommunicators, and Julie Forester.  The thing kicks off at 6:30, so if you're in town, you should definitely be there.  I realize some of you on the email list will probably get an update after the show is over...  I've got to get that fixed...

There's so much more to talk about!  But all things in good time, my friends...  We definitely have more to share with some other stuff we're working on, but most of them are not read to reveal - so you'll have to wait.



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Little bits of Manic News
Posted by Andy on May 6, 2011 @ 6:50am

Hey Bloomers,

Just to give you all a quick update.  Manic Bloom has taken control of the reins again and we are moving forward with intensity and precision.  This month we have several exciting events to share with you.

1.  We are doing a showcase at 12th and Porter with Ryan Michaels Band and several other great bands.  We are excited since it has been a few months since we have rocked our hometown pad, Nashville.

2. We are going to be featured on Channel 1 News for Jr. High and High School across the nation the week of May 16-20th.  This is huge for Manic Bloom since we have not been able to do a lot of traveling outside of the South and East regions of the U.S.  If you are in High School and watch Channel 1 News, please send me some feedback on your thoughts.

3. We are preparing to shoot our 1st official music video this month of Death and Conversation.  Matt Crum is our director and videographer and he has some super sweet stuff....and as always, there will be secrets hidden in the video for you to puzzle over just to be Bloom and True.  Speaking of which, if you have the 1st and 2nd discs, have you found the hidden mysteries on them, or how about our webpage?  If not, keep looking and a whole new Manic Bloom world will be opened up to you.

4. Last, but certainly not least, EVERYONE please give a grand round of applause for Mr. Jeffrey Brinkley for graduating college this week!  We gonna party tomorrow like it's 1999...does that reference even make any sense?...probably not, but since I'm writing this, it doesn't have to.  HA!  Way to go Brink!!!!

As always, we love you all and continue to spread the Bloom responsibly!


Manic/ Ryan Michaels flierAndiRoo Press Shot

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Music City Mayhem Awards
Posted by Hildee on Apr 20, 2011 @ 7:41am

Last Saturday night, me and the guys attended the Music City Mayhem awards in Nashville, hosted by Dungeon Productions. We had a hootin' good time as many of the city's best bands were in attendance and slated to play throughout the night. Now, I'll be the first to admit that I was a little intimidated by the skilled peeps in the crowd.....and my fears were later confirmed as we (except for Andy.....punk) got schooled in five of the seven categories we were nominated in that night.

However, we DID win Best Rock Band and were humbled to receive such a honor considering the bands we were up against. Brink said a few words as he spoke on our behalf to the presenters and audience members, thanking them for the nomination and the votes. Me and the rest of the guys just stood by......making faces and trying not to look too goofy. Overall, it was a pretty cool night.

Best Rock bassist was the last individual category of the evening and judging by the way that the Brink, David, Matt, and me all got taken to the cleaners in our respective categories, we had little hope that Roo would pull off the upset. But, as fate would have it.....Andy Neale's name and talent stood supreme as he took home the Best Rock Bassist award. Me and the guys tried to hide our grumbling by showing supportive faces but in the end I think it was clear that we ALL wanted to take home a shiny trophy. It kind of reminded me of when I was a kid playing soccer. Every year I wanted one of those trophies.......but only ever got one if I deserved it. Andy, my brother, you definitely deserved it. You are the funk soul of this band. Keep bringin' em home!!!!

Below are the pictures of our trophies....Andy's and the band's, respectively. Also, check out the video of us winning Best Rock Band.


Andy TrophyManic Bloom Trophy


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Snowboarding Reaper!
Posted by Andy on Mar 20, 2011 @ 10:50am

Hey peeps, I just wanted to take a second to let you know that Matt, Brink and I are back from our SNOWY adventure in New Mexico and it was.....AWESOOOOMMMME!

I have to share a story that happened to me while going down the mountain.  I always say that if I was not living to be a rockstar, then I would love to be going for a professional snowboarding career.  I by no means am an expert at boarding, but there is something in my soul that is liberated when I go every year.  Normally, I go to Denver and stay with my brother and sis-in-law, but this year, Brink invited us to go with him to Santa Fe, NM.  We were not disappointed.  The snow came down one day about as hard as I have ever seen and I'm from the north and have seen my share of blizzards.  Anyway, on one of my runs, there was a little 5 or 6 year old girl going down the mountain very slowly and everytime I would cut, she would cut at the same time and in the same direction.  When I finally realized that there is not much I can do to avoid this munchkin, I rapidly put on the brakes to stop and give her time to  work out her path before continuing.  However, by the time I came to this was too late.  I slammed back on my board to come to screeching halt, spraying snow all over her back side, through both my arms under her armpits and sat down just in time.  Now, by the time I got to her, I was virtually stopped, so no harm was done and it literally could not have been a softer landing.  I simply asked her if I could help her up and if she was ok.  Her dad came "to the rescue" quickly, but wouldn't even acknowledge my attempts to apologize or assist the little one up.  I kept asking to help and still he would not so much as look at me.  The poor little girl looked like she had seen a ghost and was holding back, with great success, every ounce of screaming and crying.  She looked terrified.  I didn't know why since the landing was extremely padded with my "Charmin Toilet paper/Stay Puff Marshmallow" snow pants and jacket....then when I got to the bottom of the run....Matt and Brink reminded me why she might have had reason to be is what I looked like.

AndiRoo SnowReaper

So, to my little snow bunny...if you ever read this when you grow up, I'm sorry I didn't pull my ski mask down and let you see I was not the Grim Reaper. (Though, as Brink pointed out, my XMen Wolverine chops might not have given her much more comfort.)

Am I really that scary of a guy?   NAHHHHH.


Love you all!  Thanx for humoring me.


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Happy Birthday Chuck Norris
Posted by Brink on Mar 10, 2011 @ 5:38pm

On his birthday, Chuck Norris randomly selects one lucky child to be thrown into the sun.


Happy Birthday, Chuck.





Brink Black/White

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New Video - CMJ Day 2
Posted by Matt on Mar 1, 2011 @ 4:46am

It's been awhile since we were actually in New York, but we just posted our new video from CMJ.  Everybody go check it out.  Three of the guys had never been to New York before, so we all had a good time.  Hope you like it.

-Manic Bloom

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